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Why Carda

Today, getting wedding invitations and personalised stationery is a task, especially when there is a disconnect between what you want from the design and printing houses and what they offer, leaving you more confused than relaxed. What if it could all be resolved with the click of a button?

CARDA is an innovative new online portal that caters to your personal invitations and stationery requirements in a couture-inspired experience. We have a vast selection of affordable, ready-to-order designs, which we keep updating with the latest trends. Our line includes expertly handcrafted Wedding Invitations, Special Occasions, matching Save-the-Date and Thank You notes.

Bringing luxury invitations and gifting to the most deserving is our passion and our creed. Our products are delicately crafted unions of the right design, colour palettes and choicest materials- hallmarks of our design associate- The Entertainment Design Co.


Using CARDA isn’t just about sending unforgettable invitation cards. It’s also about crafting unforgettable experiences.

Start yours in three easy steps

1. Select your Card based on your taste and price
2. Personalise it with customisable text. A sample will be emailed to you for approval.
3. Place your order

Once the creatives are approved, the finished products are shipped from our doorstep in 10 working days.